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Marlo Manns


Knowing Spiritual Love

Marlo Manns publishes children’s and inspirational picture books.

Marlo Manns is a musician, actress, author, and publisher who pivoted from works in nursing. She has written for newspapers and companies. Her love for children is why she began writing children’s stories as well as developing programs for children that have been implemented in libraries and private organizations.

It’s about spiritual love and its attributes. She named her publishing company “My Heart Knew Love.” She says, “my heart knew and I investigated my inner child which is full of abundance of love, gifts and talents. The inner child guides you into places that will benefit you and gives you gifts of security such as intuition. It’s love’s environment that never change. It’s the substance of love. It’s the knowing. We are so highly intelligent that we miss the simple things. Get to your adventure of fun, happy, sweet, kind and an amazing life with your inner child as your escort. Then, plant love seeds in a child’s mind that grow into trees that withstand the storms of life.

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