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Children’s Series

I am Love

There is an affirmation in each room. So she holds it in her heart at the beginning of her day and speaks it. By the time the end of her day come, she remembers it and speaks it again.Love keeps happy thoughts and fear can’t stand it

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King Series

Every Little Thing; Think King! It’s about a little boy who get advise from his grandma that he is a king. The grandma can see the invisible crown on his head. Finally, he listens to his grandma and start to do king things like cleaning up his room…

shop book - King Series
Shop Book  - I am Loved Too!

Adult Series

I am Loved Too!

Do you have story or poem so beautiful and that it had to be cut from heavenly cloth? There was no way that it could have been done with out the Maker of Earth? There’s nothing else that could describe the supernatural way things came about. How about making it into a book you’ll love for life? You can add the special touches so that can be a keepsake for life. We can do that with customizable touches just for you.

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