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Every Little Thing; Think King! It’s about a little boy who get advise from his grandma that he is a king. The grandma can see the invisible crown on his head. Finally, he listens to his grandma and start to do king things like cleaning up his room and taking care of his dog. He finally learns that king listens to wisdom. He learns his grandma is wisdom. He learns that kings cleans up their own messy room. While he is cleaning he learns that cleaning take steps and it is a strategy to it. He must clean up his own mess. Then, finally he learns from his dog, he shows love. He must show his love by spending time. So, he spends time and shows love with his dog. These are the 3 things that every little boy should know and value as a young man. Wisdom is to listen. Cleaning is for taking steps. Spending time is for showing love. He learns that in every little thing, he must think like a king!

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Seeking adult authors “true love” stories and taking a leap a faith; the navigating tools that love reveals

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